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Genie Soap II Stainless Steel Touchless Auto Soap Dispenser(Silver)
1) Built in infrared smart sensor 2) Soap level viewing window 3) LED indicator for dispensing amp; low battery alert 4) Unique stainless steel finish 5) Removable soap container 6) New liquid-pumping technology 7) Innovative no-drip spout design 8
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Price: R490 | Shipping: N/A
Final price: R490
Nature''s Carnival Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Cream African Sun 59ml
Protect your handsagainst pesky germs with the Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand...
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Price: R35 | Shipping: N/A
Final price: R35
Heart Shape Chef Soap Magically Removes Strong Odors from Hands(Silver)
1) It removes the odors from your hands! Onion Fish Garlic amp; More! 2) Wash your hands for 30 seconds with this Stainless Steel Clean Hand Soap under running water and poof! Odors are gone! * Specification 1) Product Material: Stainless steel 2)
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Price: R148 | Shipping: N/A
Final price: R148
Dr Organic Lavender Soap 100g
A fragrant moisturising vegetable soap bar based on Organic Lavender oil, perfect for naturally cleansing and softening even highly sensitive skin. The powerful organic bioactive Lavender essential oil restores, rejuvenates and refreshes the skin. Laven
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Price: R55
Final price: R55
Bunk Soapbox
1.Size : 16*12*4cm 2.Waterproof transparent cover the bottom of the hollow design easy draining
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Price: R114 | Shipping: N/A
Final price: R114
Stripe Style Silicone Soap Holder (Random Color Delivery)
1) Used to storage soap sponge etc 2) Anti-skidding easy to clean 3) Material: silicone 4) Size: 12.4cm x 8.2cm x 1.4cm
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Price: R155 | Shipping: N/A
Final price: R155
Lovely Rabbit Style Plastic Soap Boxes(Green)
1) Lovely rabbit style 2) Used to storage soap 3) Material: plastic 4) Size: 13 x 10 x 3cm
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Price: R99 | Shipping: N/A
Final price: R99
Stainless Steel Plastic Soapbox
5 Pack Stainless Steel Plastic
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Price: R127 | Shipping: N/A
Final price: R127
Automatic Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser
1) Automatically dispenses soap by utilizing the advanced infrared sensor-detecting technology for germ free hands 2) Touchless and sanitary alternative to germ-coated soap dispenser 3) Three settings allow you to dispense different amounts of soap 4) C
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Price: R543 | Shipping: N/A
Final price: R543
Bird Soap holders - Set of two
Bird Themed Soap holders - Set of two Ideal for that finishing touch in your guest house!
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Price: R570 | Shipping: N/A
Final price: R570
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