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Learn How To Make Chalksicles: The Perfect Holiday Pass Time

Make Your Kids’ Holidays Bright

Even though we find ourselves in the chilly clutches of winter, we at Kompare have found the perfect activity for you to do with your little one. Whilst on school holidays, kids can often get a bit of cabin fever. Therefore, let them out into the great beyond, fully equipped with chalk in hand! Read on below to discover the simplest home made recipe for chalk bits.

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How To Create The ‘Chalksicle’

Ingredients Needed for ONE Chalksicle

  • 95ml of water
  • 200ml Plaster of Paris
  • A few drops of food colouring of your choice
  • A set of silicon ice-cream moulds
  • A large ice-cream stick
  • Plastic spoons and cups you can throw away

ingredients needed for chalksicles

A Step By Step Guide To A World Of Colour

  1. First and foremost, ensure you have enough mixture ingredients for the amount of Chalksicles you wish to create – remember, the above quantities are enough for one large stick of chalk
  2. Mix the water and plaster of Paris together in your plastic cup until you get a consistency similar to butter cream icing. Remember to use a different cup for different colours
  3. Once you are happy with the consistency, add a few drops of food colouring to the mix, until you get the shade you desire
  4. Spoon the mixture into your silicone ice lolly moulds
  5. Place one ice-cream stick in the centre of the mould, as far down as you can possibly get
  6. Leave the Chalksicles in the mould for forty-five minutes. Once this time has elapsed, remove them from the moulds and allow the to dry standing upright in a plastic cup – leaving them overnight will do the trick

chalksicles drying in their moulds

Allow Your Little One To Enjoy Their New Colours

This is a great way not only to keep your child entertained, but also to spend valuable time with them these holidays. This will give you the opportunity to create and play all in one afternoon! Make the most of the school holidays by spending valuable time with your little one!

image of chalksicle street art
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