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Make Mother's Day Memorable With Kompare

Mother’s Day Pre-Prep

Mother’s Day is coming up fast! Therefore, if you haven’t already, getting your ducks in a row this week is absolutely essential! We all know that lovely lady will forever be one of the leading ladies in your heart, so read on for a few ideas on how to spoil your mama this mother’s day!

a mother and daughter pulling tongues

Make It Personal

We have all come to know and love the brand that is NetFlorist. One of the best gifting ideas that the team has seen in a long time is the wide range of personalized gifts you can order from this awesome store. You can grab your mum a bottle of wine with her name on it and shoot the breeze with her this Sunday! Or if your mom is the non-alcoholic type, get her a personalized chopping board for her kitchen. We all know how sentimental mothers are. Therefore make Sunday extra special for her by branding her name onto something special! Just click on the banner below and get shopping now!

a collection of personalized Mother's Day gifts available at NetFlorist

Keep It Cosy

As the weather grows colder by the day, keep things cosy by having an indoor picnic for your mom. Spoil her by setting up a nice spread inside and ordering her favourite meal from Uber Eats! Thanks to Kompare, you have your very own Uber Eats Code waiting for you which is sure to score you some major brownie points with mama bear. All you need to do is download the app, and when it’s time to check out, use the promo code: CTEATS11.

a Mother's Day luncheon

Spoil Your Mama This Mother’s Day

Spoil that special lady in your life this mother’s day and always. Doing something for your mom can really go a long way so be sure to treat her right this Sunday! Have a happy Mother’s Day and if you need anything, don’t forget to Ask Kompare!

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