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Clean Your Kitchen With Ease With These Kitchen Hacks From Kompare

Kitchen Hacks For All South African Kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of the home. This is where you share as a family, cook as a family and make incredible memories as a family. Therefore, isn’t it only natural to want to keep this space clean? Working in a dirty kitchen is not only frustrating but can also be a huge hazard to your health. Therefore read on below to check out how to keep your kitchen clean with ease!

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Make the Best Cup Of Coffee With A Clean Machine

Coffee is a beverage enjoyed and loved by most South Africans. However, most South Africans don’t love cleaning their machines as much as they love using them. Cleaning your coffee machine is an integral part of ensuring its longevity and, contrary to popular belief, is actually a much easier task than imagined. All you need to do is add one part water, one part vinegar to your water tank and begin the brewing process. Stop the action midway and let the machine stand for about half an hour. Once the time has elapsed, complete the cycle. Repeat the brewing process with a tank of clean water and your coffee machine is good to go!

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Give Your Wooden Cutting Board A New Lease On Life

Many people use cutting boards, however few people tend to see a need to clean them (astonishing right?). None the less, cleaning a wooden chopping board thoroughly is actually pretty simple. All you need to do is wipe the board down with vinegar, then sprinkle a layer of coarse salt onto the surface. Rub the salt into the board with a lemon. This will remove stains and germs from the cuttings of your board! Wipe the board clean and treat it with a mineral oil to keep the wood healthy.

image of a wooden chopping board

Wash Out That Manky Washing Sponge

Washing sponges can become pretty grimy over time, resulting in bacteria thriving in the cleaning utensil. This is an incredibly gross thought but can be rectified easily. All you need to do to de-germ your sponge is pop it into a microwavable bowl, fill the bowl with water and put it into the microwave, allowing the water to reach boiling point. This will kill out any germs which may be lurking within and give you a clean sponge to make use of.

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Clean Out The Microwave

Another kitchen appliance whose cleanliness is often overlooked is the ever trusted microwave. When things are overheated, they either splash, spill or boil over the edge, leaving your microwave in quite the state. All you need to do to clean out your appliance is squeeze the juice of one lemon into a jug of water. Peel the lemon and place the rind in the jug as well. Pop this into the microwave and heat it up for a minute or so. After this, wipe out the microwave. All of the hardened dirt will be loosened, making it that much easier for you to clean!

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Make The Most Of your Kitchen With Kompare

Whether you need cleaning agents to breathe a new sense of life into your kitchen, or need a whole new set of appliances altogether, Kompare is her to help. If we don’t have what you are looking for, be sure to Ask Kompare! The team will put our heads together and find your desired product as the best price for you. 

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