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Black Friday in South Africa |An Explanation of Black Friday

What is Black Friday?

There is a lot of hype surrounding the approaching Black Friday event around the world. However, many people aren’t actually aware of what exactly Black Friday is. Therefore, we at Kompare are going to shed some light on this world wide phenomenon for you so that you don’t get left behind!

The History of Black Friday

Black Friday has been in operation for over eighty years, eighty four to be exact. The first event was hosted in America in 1832, and since then, the mania has spread worldwide. Black Friday is hosted the day directly after thanks giving, which falls on the third Thursday of November. To many, Black Friday is known as the start of Christmas shopping as outrages deals of up to 90% off certain goods can be found within retail stores.

Black Friday Goes Digital

Since we live in the digital era, many stores have followed suit, opening e-Commerce outlets online. As such, a few traders also practice Black Fridays online now days. This removes a lot of stress from people’s lives as they no longer need to que for hours outside a department store only to be elbowed countless times, fighting people off certain bargains when inside. Kompare has decided to bring Black Friday to a screen near you, stocking hot items at ridiculous prices for one day only.

Why You Should Get Involved in Kompare’s Black Friday

Kompare has hundreds of merchants featured on our website, and as such, you can rest assured that we will be bringing the best of them to you on black Friday. You will be able to find out of this world deals on that day and save yourself the hassle, time and even money that would usually go into Christmas shopping. On the other hand, this day allows you to splurge out on self-gifts, things you’ve longed for but wouldn’t usually buy for yourself. Sign up for our Black Friday mailing list so you are constantly kept in the loop on Facebook and we look forward to bringing you nothing but the best.

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